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    Anybody buy anything on this website, becomes a buyer of Q-stamps.com.

    Q-stamps.com have a wonderful program to reward buyers. Every buyer can take the advantage of this program to make a lot of money easily, quickly and legally.

    Easy to do, no member fee.


    Q-stamps.com give out 5% of our sales as bonus to reward buyers.     Anybody that referred by a buyer buy anything on this website, then the new buyer become a direct downline of the referral buyer. A buyer's downline's downline is his indirect downline. A buyer can have unlimited direct downlines and unlimited indirect downlines and make unlimited bonus. We pay 2% bonus for a member's direct downline's sales, and we also pay 0.5% bonus for a member's indirect downline's sales. We pay up to 7 level downlines. For example, if a buyer has 7 direct downlines, and his downlines also have 7 direct downlines, and he get $2 bonus from each direct downline and $0.50 bonus from each indirect downline, then he can make money like this:

    Level-1    $14 bonus
    Level-2    $24.5 bonus
    Level-3    $171.5 bonus
    Level-4    $1,200.5 bonus
    Level-5    $8,403.5 bonus
    Level-6    $58,824.5 bonus
    Level-7    $411,771.5 bonus

Totally, $480,410.00 u.s. dollars.

    Maybe you can't make money from every downlines, but even just from part of your downlines, you still can make big money. And your downlines can sell out our products every year, so you can make big money every year.

    And, all you need to do is spending 10 minutes a week to get some initial downlines by sending emails to your friends or post your link on online groups (e.g. Facebook, Meetup). If you can't make $500,000, then how about $50,000, is that good? If you can't make $50,000, then how about $5,000/year? Just a few hours a year, and get $5,000 back a year, is that good?

    You can recommend this website to others by the link that you can find on your buyer's page. We can recognize that those peoples come with you, and add bonus to your account. Even they didn't buy anything at the first time, when they come back again, we still can recognize that they come with you.

    We give you bonus as points, $1 equal 100 poits, $480,410.00 equal 48,041,000 points. You can buy anything on this website with your points. Then you can sell them out on this website or other places.

    We have active points report online. You can check your page at anytime. And you can spend your points at anytime.

What's the different between Q-stamps and others?

    No member fee, Q-stamps.com let buyers make money by sales and downline's sales, not like others that members make money by share members' member fee. So a buyer can make money on Q-stamps.com year and year, again and again. And it's totally legal. And our products are carefully chosen by the experts. Q-stamps.com buyers tree have only one root, if a buyer not referred by any other buyer, he will automaticly become the downline of a randomly picked buyer. There are no competition between upline and downlines. To make more bonus, upline will help downlines to find their downlines. If you join us right now, you have the opportunity to get free downlines.

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